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Ultrasound (Sonography):

Ultrasound uses sound waves to bounce off internal organ structures. The returning sound waves are picked up and used to create a 2 dimensional real-time image, which may be videotaped or photographed.

Ultrasound is usually a noninvasive procedure. Pictures are made by placing an ultrasound probe in contact with the skin over the organ of interest.

Another very important use of Ultrasound is its ability to differentiate solid tumors from cystic (fluid filled) tumors. Solid tumors need further evaluation and possibly biopsy, while most of the cystic tumors are benign and need no further evaluation.

Gallbladder Ultrasound is very accurate for the detection of gallstones which show up as bright echo-dense stones with acoustic shadowing in back of them. It is the first test to examine the gallbladder.

Ultrasound can be used as a localizing tool for placement of drainage tubes and biopsy needles in various organs.

The most popular use of ultrasound is for gestational dating & fetal position:

Ultrasound is very useful for examining and measuring the size of the fetus in the uterus which then can be used to estimate gestation age. It also gives information about the placenta, the amniotic fluid and fetal presentation.

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